Dear EBC Friends

Dear EBC Friends
# 2018-04-20 # EBC # Edito

The forthcoming XIV European Bifurcation Club (EBC) meeting will take place at the Dolce La Hulpe, Brussels on Friday 12th & Saturday 13th OCTOBER 2018.

According to currently available EBC consensus documents, it is recommended to perform bifurcation PCI with provisional side branch stenting for the great majority of coronary bifurcation lesions. We recommend a meticulous procedural planning and execution of technical steps that ultimately aim at reconstructing the underlying bifurcation anatomy.

Although different techniques have been developed over the years to facilitate optimal main vessel stenting while maintaining the side branch patency, the key practical question is when to apply which technique and how. Recent reports suggested that intracoronary imaging might be used to guide some of the crucial technical steps, to ultimately achieve optimal results.

We think that the club’s activity has motivated the realization of studies of a new generation, not limited to the comparison of simple techniques or complex in more or less defined groups but stricter which enable new ideas to develop and which will be the base of the EBC. We will have an update on the latest technical improvements that seem to contribute agreeable results with various strategies. We will also review comparisons of techniques well described in similar populations now increasingly reported or published. The treatment of the Distal Left Main trunk will benefit this year from the contribution of several important studies.

The very strong bonds forged during our 13 EBC meetings to date were mainly due to its informal aspect, which we still value and encourage and the invited delegates will enjoy the chance to network at our final dinner.

Continuing to explore nice and historical cities in Europe, we have chosen the destination of BRUSSELS and we will handpick approximately 150 Key Opinion Leaders in the Interventional Cardiology field.

We significantly need your support to ensure we are able to build a successful meeting and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards from the EBC Committee:

R. Albiero, A. Banning, F. Burzotta, Y. Chatzizisis, A. Chieffo, O. Darremont, M. Ferenc, D. Hildick-Smith, J. Lassen, T. Lefèvre, Y. Louvard, M. Pan & G. Stankovic.